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Zita offers an extensive yoghurt range including Greek strained yogurt, traditional yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, kids yoghurt and other yoghurt desserts in a variety of pack sizes. With more than thirty item codes in this category, Zita has built a strong reputation in the Cypriot market for this product to the point that yogurt is considered today the company\'s flagship. 

In regard to halloumi cheese production, Zita procures its milk from local farmers of the Paphos region, the place that has traditionally been famous for the best quality of sheep and goat’s milk. Halloumi, traded under the name PAFITIKO, is made the traditional way and is gradually gaining more and more customers in foreign markets. During the past years Zita\'s products have successfully been exported to the USA, Europe and Australia under either Zita brand label or our partner\'s private labels.

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