As part of our strategy to offer products distinguished for their superior quality, Zita Dairies has been approved to operate by the local govermental authorities as well as other International ofiicial bodies or Institutes. In Cyprus, the dairy sector within which we operate, subjects to control and monitoring by the Vetrinary Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. In accordance with the local legislation for producing and trading dairy products, Zita Dairies has been awarded the approval code CY 0021, which you may find attached on all product produced by the firm.

At the same time, the dairy has been certified with BRC Global Standard for food safety, with the highest certification Grade A, for the complete range of their products. In addition, all production and monitoring procedures comply to the principals of ISO 22000 (HACCP), ISO 9001 and IFS. Furthermore, Zita Dairies is approved by the US FDA and Russian Vet Services, allowing their products to be exported to these countries.