Quality Policy

Since its inseption, Zita has always been focused to producing dairy products distinguished for their superior quality and increased nutritional value. As part of this strategy, the dairy has been certified with BRC Global Standard for food safety, with the highest certification Grade A, for the complete range of their products. In addition it follows the principals of ISO 22000 (HACCP) and ISO 9001 and is approved by the US FDA and Russian Vet Services, allowing their products to be exported to these countries.

In this context, ZITA’s quality policy consists in:

  • Offering products, which are produced under strict monitoring conditions and following basic principals, international standards and high quality criteria.
  • Assuring product’s quality, in regard to its safety and maintenance of all of its nutritional and sensory quality.
  • Management’s commitment to follow, on a regular basis, the market trends and to be always aware of its market position having as a target to keep its products at the top.
  • Being aware of any technological improvements that may assist in evolving its outputs in reference to the available resources, the possible effects to the environment and in conformance to all European and International legislation.
  • Developing a quality improvement culture throughout the firm, not only in the inside but also in the external environment within which it operates.